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Founder - Lucy Yu

In 2021, driven by my unwavering passion, I established BetterMe as a non-profit organization with a singular mission: to make education accessible to people worldwide. Initially, with a modest team of three student teachers, we conducted weekly tutoring sessions for school children, exchanging not only knowledge of the English language but also cultural insights.

Over time, BetterMe experienced significant growth.This expansion allowed us to commit ten hours per week to educating children from regions as diverse as Thailand, China, and Guatemala. In addition to our regular teaching sessions, she took on the task of designing a website that hosts all our educational materials, readily available to the public at no cost.


The journey of BetterMe has been one of continuous dedication and growth, driven by our collective commitment to accessible education and the power of community.

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Vice President - Jason Shen

Jason Shen, a Grade 12 student at St. Andrews College in Toronto and the inspirational co-founder of BetterMe, is a powerhouse in entrepreneurship, data science, education, and impactful social advocacy. His pioneering research, titled "Applying Text Queries to Education for Children with Learning Difficulties," is a reflection of innovation in the quest for inclusive education. Jason's role transcends research; he has masterminded significant awareness campaigns, including TEDx events, championing educational equity with a special emphasis on aiding underserved children. As the leader of his school's social justice council, he has zealously committed himself to the cause of migrant and refugee children, embodying a spirit of compassion and inclusivity. These multifaceted initiatives are a resounding affirmation of Jason's deep-seated dedication to nurturing educational environments that welcome and uplift every learner.

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