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Our Impact


Our Involvement in China

BetterMe partnered with a couple of schools in the rural village of Jiangsu, China. 

We conducted lessons for 30 students aged 6 to 13, utilizing a Chinese video call platform to establish weekly classes. In addition to these virtual sessions, we provided the students with essential teaching materials and donated around 1,000 school supplies, including pencils, erasers, crayons, pencil cases, pens, and notebooks.

Upon seeing this success, we expanded to also teaching in rural villages of YanCheng, Yi’an, HuangHu, NanLing, Fu Yang, and LiXin.  

In total, due to our successful efforts in China, we impacted the education of approximately 150 students and contributed over 2,500 school supplies to support their learning journey.

Our Involvement in Guatemala

Guatemala stands as one of the nations grappling with some of the lowest educational achievements in Latin America. The stark reality is that merely 73 percent of adults have managed to complete their primary education. This figure pales in comparison to the regional average of 91.6 percent, underscoring the educational challenges this nation faces.

In our unwavering commitment to addressing these educational disparities, BetterMe forged partnerships with prominent non-profit organizations dedicated to enhancing education in Guatemala, including but not limited to Education and Hope. This collaboration has allowed us to channel the proceeds earned from our fundraisers towards initiatives that make a substantial difference in the lives of Guatemalan students.

Our involvement transcends mere monetary contributions. In addition to our financial support, we also supply essential school materials like pencils, pens, and erasers to bolster the educational experience of students in Guatemala. We firmly believe that access to quality education and adequate resources can be transformative for students and communities alike.


Our Involvement in Thailand

In Northern Thailand, education remains an elusive dream for many families, often regarded as a luxury they simply cannot afford. The financial constraints weigh heavily on these communities, making access to quality education an uphill battle. This is where BetterMe steps in to make a meaningful difference.

Our organization is dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of educational accessibility in rural areas of Thailand. We recognize that the lack of necessary school supplies can be a significant barrier to children's education. To alleviate this burden, we actively collaborate with schools in these underserved regions, providing essential school supplies and much-needed donations.

Our hope is that these supplies and contributions will not only empower students but also offer a ray of hope to families who aspire to send their children to school. By reducing the financial constraints associated with education, we aim to create a brighter future for these communities, one where the promise of learning is within reach for all.

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